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Our Mission

Welcome to Max & Modern!

Our Story

Max & Modern is a modern pet portrait design company that celebrates the bond between people and their pets! We offer a wide range of aesthetic pet portrait designs that will look amazing in your living room, bedroom, or anywhere else, and will fill your space with warm memories of your pooch.

At Max & Modern, we are all about our love for pets! We are a family company, and our mission is to help pet owners express their love and affection for their beloved pets! We truly believe that our pets are like our children, and their portrait deserves a spot right next to the family picture (heck, even as a center piece!).

What We Do Best

Our artists specialize in bringing out your pet’s best characteristics! The goofy smile, the wet snout, the gorgeous human eyes, and, in short, their character! The portrait we create for you is uniquely yours because we recognize that there is no pet like your pet!

Our Artists

Max & Modern portraits are expertly crafted by our dedicated professional artists. Our artists are carefully vetted, and we make sure they adore pets just as much as we do!

We Give Back

This venture is not about the money for us; it's about the LOVE FOR ANIMALS. We don't just celebrate the love, we spread it by giving back!

For every portrait you purchase from us, we donate 10% of the profits to local shelters, so that we can make sure that shelter animals have a better chance to be adopted instead of euthanized.

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