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Image Guidelines

Pet Portraits Image Guidelines

In order for us to create the perfect pet portrait for you it is crucial that the image you upload is in good quality and taken from the right angle. Please follow these tips to make sure your portrait comes out Amazing!

Avoid side angles

This is an example of a bad image because of the angle and blurriness.

Avoid Bad Lighting

In this photo the shadows overpower the pet, and the angle is not good.

Perfect Image

This image is ideal because you can clearly see the face and neck, and the light is good.

When taking a picture, pay attention to these elements:


Make sure you take the photo in a location that has natural light! This will ensure the image is bright and vivid.


We recommend taking the photo in a brightly lit room or outdoors using a smartphone or high quality camera.


Make sure the whole face and neck is visible. Make sure your pooch is at eye level facing forward.


We will illustrate your pet's accessories so make sure to take off any accessory if you don't want it in the portrait.

Not sure about your photo?

Email us your image ( and our specialists will let you know. If your beloved pet is no longer with you, we will go above and beyond when creating their memorable portrait with what images you do have.

Don't worry, We will make it work!

Our dedicated team checks all orders and photos as they come. If we think you need extra guidance, we will reach out to you and offer hands on support.

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