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How It Works

How it works

A quick & easy order process for you.

Choose Style

Choose from different sizes, frame options, and background colors, and add details to your pet's portrait. Style the portrait to match your space.

Upload Photo

Pick your favorite photo of your pet and upload it to your order so that our artists can begin. Check out the image guidelines for the best results!

Get Portrait

Our team of digital artists will do their magic to bring out the most adorable portrait of your pet! You can contemplate on location in the meanwhile.

Our production process

Learn more about what makes your buying experience so seamless.

We create the art based on your pooch

Our expert designers will create your personalized pet portrait with lots of love, care and attention. We use advanced design techniques to perfect your piece, making sure we get all the little details that make your furry friend so unique.

All designs go through a quality check to ensure your unique pet artwork is absolutely perfect.

We design & print your Masterpiece

We’ll print your one-of-a-kind pet art masterpiece on to your chosen product using industry-leading techniques and printing equipment.

We check all orders for quality control once printed, to ensure there are no issues with the ink or product during the process.

We do quality control & ship it so you can unpack and enjoy

Finally, we'll carefully package your order into sturdy, durable packaging to keep it safe.

We'll ship your order and send you a notification with the tracking number, so that you are able to track your parcel all the way to your doorstep. Paws up!

Photo Guidelines

Our experts have assembled some tips & tricks to get you the best results!

🐶 Use your smartphone to take your pet photo at eye level with your pet

🐶 You don't need your pet to look directly at the camera.

🐶 Make sure you take a close-up so we can see your pet's unique features.

❌ Avoid bad lighting- take the photo outdoors in the natural daylight.

Please note: We use the exact image you upload with your order so make sure you like the position and angles of the photo! Make sure you are happy with the image you took before uploading. We will reach out to you via email if your photo does not meet the requirements.

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